Kingsmill Great White


Agency: BrandOpus
Country: United Kingdom

BrandOpus, a global strategic brand design agency, has partnered with Kingsmill, the UK’s fastest growing bakery brand1, to create branded packaging for category-changing product, Great White bread, which launches nationally this month.

As a nation we eat too much of most things, but fibre isn’t one of them. Popular culture tells consumers to, switch into healthier bread alternatives. But Kingsmill’s research shows that a large number of consumers are torn between their love of white bread and their desire to eat as healthily as possible. Acting on this insight the brand have developed Kingsmill Great White- a delicious soft white loaf with as much fibre as wholemeal

BrandOpus united with Kingsmill helping the proposition to take form. The result – a new product that makes eating white bread permissible again, allowing consumers to enjoy the great taste of white, whilst benefiting from the same amount of fibre as wholemeal. The launch will be supported by a £6.7 million marketing investment.

Kingsmill Great White launches nationally this month.