Agency: JDO
Type of work: Commercial work
Country: United Kingdom

JDO Redesigns CLEAR brand for Unilever

JDO Brand Design & Innovation has been working with Unilever to re-launch the CLEAR brand globally. Since 1979, CLEAR has been helping consumers around the world rid themselves of scalp problems, and today it is one of the biggest brands in Asia. As a matter of fact, CLEAR is 2013’s fastest growing shampoo brand in the world. Further, the CLEAR range for men is now the No. 1 anti-dandruff shampoo brand in the world.

The brand’s key differentiating factor is it’s unique point of view on scalp care. Previously anti-dandruff solutions have focused on eliminating Malassezia, a prevalent fungus known to cause flakes. However, this solution is only temporary as 9 out of 10 dandruff sufferers state that their condition returns. Unilever scientists have discovered that the scalp actually has a natural defensive layer that will protect it against dandruff. This natural shield just needs to be activated. This insight led to the development of a high performance formulation containing powerful blends of ingredients, Bio Nutrium 10 for Men and Nutrium 10 for Women, which actively nourish the scalp to activate its natural protective layer, thus eliminating dandruff and preventing it from recurring. This unique approach to dandruff-proof consumers represents a step change in the treatment of dandruff so for the first time, sufferers can be confident that they will receive a definitive solution to their condition.

Using this unique view on scalp care, JDO were briefed to bring CLEAR’s proposition to life for both the male and female ranges, while building communication on pack to convey key consumer benefits. The brand team also asked to maintain core visual equities to retain loyal users, whilst elevating the brand’s look and feel through scalp expertise cues.

The resulting packs move the CLEAR brand to a more premium position through the introduction of sophisticated foil elements and the semiotics of perfect hair. The ‘powerball’ has become a key recognisable pack element over the years, and JDO have developed and optimized it to create a more refined, elegant and powerful icon.

Ben Oates, JDO creative director says, “The sensorial elements we created in our designs bring emotion and elegance to a structure which is both efficacious and bold. The powerball has been redesigned to bring to life and add strength to the activation and nourishment story on pack, this along with other re-invigorated elements have become key drivers of consumer appeal.”

François Renard, global brand vice president, Unilever hair-care commented, “CLEAR packaging has evolved greatly through the years. JDO’s new designs will allow us to leverage the might of our proposition of “activating scalp’s natural protection” to dandruff-proof consumers, as well as elevate the brand on a truly global stage.”

The global CLEAR re-launch will begin in key markets such as Brazil, followed by China. The brand currently sponsors Formula 1 team: Lotus-RENAULT and has high profile brand ambassadors including Miranda Kerr and international footballer Cristiano Ronaldo.