Glico Stand By Me Doraemon AR Packaging

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Derrick Lin


Famous Japanese confectioner Glico has been bringing us iconic Japanese sweets like Pretz and Pocky for decades. Now they have a real treat in store for us, thanks to an extra-special line-up to celebrate the upcoming 3-D movie, Stand By Me Doraemon.

The new specially marked packs include a hidden secret: 3-D moving images of Doraemon that come to life in your home. But these aren’t just any images. They’re created by you, with your very own colours and designs transformed into unbelievable, moving images, each with Doraemon acting out a fun scene before your very eyes!

After hearing about the promise of a floating 3-D Doraemon, we made our way to the nearest candy store to see if we could find one of the special packs. The whole range was there waiting for us, and it includes Pocky, Pretz, Collon, Bisco, Caplico, as well as chewy Heart-shaped Caramels.

We went all out and bought packs of Pretz and Pocky, a box of Caplico Minis and a set of limited-edition flavoured Pocky we’d never seen before. The Doraemon designs on the Collon and Bisko boxes were the same as the ones on the Pocky and Pretz packs so we were sure we had all the designs.

Source: RocketNews24