Nero Scuro



Designer: Manuel Bortoletti
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Treviso, Italy

Brand identity and package design for a small Italian coffee roastery, called Nero Scuro.

The roastery is driven by a simple process: source the best single origins available on the market, roast them at perfection in small batches with a manual machine and pack the coffee straight away to ship it worldwide.

I wanted to communicate the italian quality and the old school process with an handmade logo of an old roaster, shown while he is smelling the aroma and checking the roast level of the coffee during the roasting process. That is an important step for give the coffee perfect results, so I tried to tell this professional behavior through my illustration.

I designed the packages trying to put the most important information on the front label, such as the coffee origin, the roast color and the grind method; while on the back I put the secondary informations, such as the varietal and the tasting notes, in such a modular grid. Then, I found color keys for the three coffee collections: organic, reserve and rare.

Finally, I declined the design on three pack sizes: 60gr, 250gr and 1kg.