Coqua Coconut Water (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designers: Sabyasachi Kuila, Ankur Sahay
Project Type: Student Project
School: Mit Institute Of Design
Location: Pune, India

Coconut water is a healthy and hygienic drink. Even knowing that fact, youngsters and sophisticated people don’t enjoy to drink from the natural coconut since it has lot of problem in ergonomics as well as in form too. So to promote this drink to the youngsters and people who are fascinated about style and design, we have to come up with an idea of lifestyle package design of coconut water that will attract these target users. Coconut water packaging offers hygienically processed range of packed coconut water that will be safe in consumption and free from added impurities. It will offer the entire product range with customised packaging thereby retaining its quality and values. Our objective is to promote packaged Coconut water which is equally Hygienic and Refreshing like natural coconut water and to pack in such a way that will retain the aesthetics of coconut.

Taking the direct inspiration from the nature for form, we developed this structure to maintain the complete experience of having coconut water which will attract the consumers. By dividing the packaging in 4 equal pieces, adding the cutting/slicing property of fruits which is quite unfamiliar to coconut family. The stacking of the four packaging together gives an entire feel of a coconut and increase its design value.