Трубная ул., 23 корпус 2, Москва, Россия, 127051

Creative Agency: Wellhead
Design: Alexey Astakhov, Jaroslav Zhelezniakov
Prepress: Peter Poresh Anton Minaev
Senior Manager Customer: Elena Tumanova
Project Type: Commercial Work
Client: Great Valley
Location: Russia

Branding agency Wellhead restyled brand of vintage cognacs.

Cognac “Tsar Tigran” are created using only the finest choice of alcohols, the production process and maturation that occurs only in the walls and cellars is closely monitored. Because of this, this brand has won multiple awards at international exhibitions.

Brand is named after the legendary Tigran II, king of Great Armenia and large commander of the Hellenistic period.

“Tsar Tigran” – a traditionally decorated Armenian cognac, it is important to maintain continuity (the logo has not changed), to increase the branding and the perceived value of the product to solve the problem of recognition in the transition from screen printing to a paper label.

This results in a premium product that meets all the sophisticated notions of Armenian brandy.