La Machaca (Student Project)

Derrick Lin


Designer: Alejandra de la Garza Puentes
Project Type: Student Project
Course: Pack of origin
Tutor: Eva Minguella
Location: Spain
Packaging Material: Paper bag

La Machaca is a brand of flavored dried meat typical from Monterrey city, located in the north of Mexico.

The logo and concept was inspired by a movement known as Acción Poética born in this city, since it is identificative from this region.

The pack plays reinterpreting famous quotes and sayings by switching some words and placing “La machaca” instead.

The objective of this project was to highlight the quality of a product that is sometimes underestimated.

What’s Unique?
La Machaca is unique because of its playfulness and its concept. Alejandra tried to capture the essence of the city of origin of the product and place it on the packaging. This pack includes hand made notes and the logo is handmade as well using regional references.