Yura – Yogurt For Babies (Student Project)



Designer: Petr Moskalev
Project Type: Student Project
School: British Higher School of Art and Design
Location: Moscow, Russia

At first yogurt for babies should be really healthy. Our customers are mothers, not children. The most important thing for them is to know how could it affect babies health. And what could be a better indicator of the health than the child’s future opportunities? What things become real in a life with extraordinary health? And what abilities and perspectives should be interesting both for the moms and kids?

The neck of the tube is similar to the standard of necks of narrow format baby bottles. Remove a cover, detach a foil and attach thing all parents have. Another way drinking yogurt is to do it directly from the bottle, without nipple. The packaging is not focused only on babies. This is additional feature and the main schtick, but not a necessary condition.