Derrick Lin


Agency: Milk Branding
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Chumak
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Fruzi (derivative from “fruit”+”friends” in Ukrainian) is an innovative kids’ snack midways between a fruit puree and a smoothie from one the Ukraine’s leading brands Chumak. Product launch was aimed to attract customers unfamiliar with the product but involved with the kid’s food category in general. Therefore, the key challenge for Milk Branding was to come up with packaging and POSM strong on both cautious moms’ (natural healthy) and entertainment savvy kids’ (oh, this is fun!) fronts. The strategy was to rely on strong umbrella brand positions in “natural, quality, local” while creating an entirely new voice for Fruzi innovation.

The idea was to appeal to kids by turning an otherwise inconvenient small triangular-shaped packaging into a toy – that (a) looks like one (the oddly shaped crazy fruit “portraits” fully occupy the facing and practically shout out product’s logo at us), and (b) behaves like one (flies, drives, dives, makes dialogues, etc. in small hands). Likewise, all Fruzi trade materials were designed to invite involvement: big Fruzi tree showcases fruit – carrots, berries and apples, all having fun together on its branches invites to come and pick some Fruzi “harvest”. Desired behavior: kids prompt, mom approves, brand experience, love, repeat.

Engaging kids into play is the most natural thing to do for a kids’ product, isn’t it? Special attention was paid to conveying product natural attributes to moms: we have made fruit the main heroes of the communications, plus open natural fun backgrounds, although intentionally not meant to “match” the fruit tastes, have allowed us to create a world full of natural goodiness without having to borrow from the “eco-design” toolbox. This is way we have achieved the result that was true to the core umbrella brand values of Chumak (“natural, local, quality”) while also giving a unique creative expression for its kids sub-brand Fruzi.

Success: sales topping the plan by 134%, 53% MS in the first year, and category expanding by 127% in volume.* Impossible to single out POS campaign numeric results – due to Fruzi TV and OOH. BUT before the campaign even began: it was packaging and branded shelving that helped to achieve distribution – previously possible only with TV support*. The quality of the experience was our key contribution: kids pointing to “interesting somethings” on the shelf, dads parking their kids by Fruzi tree to get kids occupied, moms finally succeeding at trading forbidden chocolates for a healthier yet as much desired Fruzi.

*sales and distribution data provided by client

The launch campaign, brand identity and packaging won two Gold Effie 2014 awards, ADC*UA and KAKADU Award.