3 Corners Winery

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Agency: Annie Selby Brand Design
Creative Director and design: Annie Selby
Photography: Moti Fishbain
Printer: Pitkit Ltd, Israel
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Vinicola Costa Rica
Location: Copey, Costa Rica
Packaging Content: Wine
Packaging Materials: Glass, Paper, Aluminium

Niv Benyehuda and Karen Retana Benyehuda tells this story of initiative, creativity, and a passion for excellence. The birth of an extraordinary concept…and remarkable wines, pioneered by one vision. Their vision includes the production of wine in 3 corners of the world, Costa Rica, Israel and California. For the first time, Costa Rica will bear testimony to its very own winery, located in its center, in the small town of Copey, south of San Jose. Situated at an altitude of almost 2000 meters/6560 feet, Copey makes for cleaner, cooler air, resulting in higher acidity of the grape, and its warm days and cool nights are optimal for a beautifully balanced development of sugars, polyphenols, color, acids and flavors. This is a ground-breaking development and the start of a new wine frontier of Costa Rica, as it does not have a winemaking history or wineries.

The wine is produced by one winemaker, Kerry Damskey, in 3 different areas of the world. This offers the consumer the taste of different Cabernet Sauvignon’s, produced in the same winemaking style, capturing 3 completely different terroirs…a sensational story in a bottle!

And this extraordinary concept needed an exceptional design, clean and minimalistic. We had to created a memorable, but minimalistic design to capture the 3 different areas of the world, in subtle, but elegant style. The design captures the essence of the owners and the art of winemaking…simply natural.

What’s Unique?
What makes this package design special is the unique logo and the minimalistic design and the short capsule. The understated elegance is clearly visible on the Cotton, high quality, natural paper. This packaging reflects the natural resources that surrounds the winery in the mountain of Copey, with natural springs, towering mountains, beautiful animal life and the general awe that one experiences standing amongst such splendour of nature.

The design is simple in it’s elegance, and stands juxtaposed against the intense, colorful beauty of it’s surroundings.