GoldLeaf Milk Tea Co. (Student Project)



Designer: Adam Heisig
Project Type: Student Project
School: PrattMWP
Course: Visual Communications
Tutor: Cindiana Koren
Location: Utica, USA
Packaging Content: Milk Tea
Packaging Materials: Glass and Recycled Cardboard

This is the outcome of being asked to create a brand with all of its elements; mission, vision, branding and packaging. GoldLeaf Milk Tea Co. is reinventing the tea drinking experience with it’s diverse blends of flavorful milk teas. We deliver a fresh, contemporary expression of an ancient tradition. We strive to create audacious infusions within our collection of milk teas. Our abstract blends, which radiate in extravagant floral richness, will surely satisfy your taste buds at first sip. Assembled with the most precious of essences; Green Tea with Vanilla, Thai Tea with Orange Blossom, and Rose Tea with Honeysuckle; our brand honors the amalgamation of smooth milk and floral teas. GoldLeaf Milk Tea Co. is fully committed in supplying organic tea blends, cultivated to protect and nourish the health of our planet and you.

What’s Unique?
GoldLeaf Milk Tea Co. uses tall cylindrical glass bottles, unlike no other, to accentuate the sweet beverage held within. The opulence of each bottle creates attention to the bright pastel colors of the teas. Each bottle is enveloped in a black and white label. Black because it elegantly reveals the teas radiance and natural qualities while creating depth among different colors. White because it captures light timelessly; it is the color of absolute transparency and transcendance.

GoldLeaf Milk Tea Co.’s T-Packs are the mobile version of their larger counterpart bottle. T-Packs deliver a sensible beverage solution for fast-paced individuals who need a reminder to savor a moment each day. The bold packaging allows the colors to shine from within their miniature bottles.

The tea takes center stage, while the modern design provides GoldLeaf Milk Tea Co. with a contemporary, urban feel.