Olio D’Oliva (Concept)

Design Studio BOB

Berlin, Deutschland

Designer: Alessia Sistori
Project Type: Concept
Packaging Content: Olive Oil
Location: Berlin, Germany

Since there was passed a new law in some countries of Europe, that no longer allows offering refillable oil bottles in restaurants, I invented this interactive packaging for extra virgin olive oil. It is smaller than the common bottles and has a very simple and cheap anti-drop system integrated in its packaging. A circle can be pulled-off the packaging and be used for pouring the oil without dripping. The 360°-label also protects the oil from the light and thereby from going bad. Once pulled off the circle, the little window helps to know how much oil is left in the bottle and to see the actual product. The shape of the bottle and also the anti-drop-system are both inspired by wine bottles to create an elegant image on a restaurant table.

What’s Unique?
Peeled off the label for assisting pouring and creates a window in the label to see how much oil is left in the bottle.