Hubbards Outward Bound

Derrick Lin


Agency: Coats Design
Design: Matt Grantham
Photography: Charlie Smith
Outward Bound patch illustration : Grant Reed
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Hubbards
Location: Auckland, New Zealand
Packaging Contents: Breakfast Cereal
Packaging Materials: Card

Coats Design points Hubbards Outward Bound in the right direction.

Hubbards has had a proud association with the Outward Bound Trust of New Zealand for over 20 years. Founded in 1941, Outward Bound is an international, non-profit, independent outdoor-education organization with approximately 30 schools around the world.

The association started when founder, Dick Hubbard, participated in a course which led him to the idea of creating a cereal that helped fuel Kiwis’ outdoor activities and adventures

As well as offering a financial benefit, with a percentage of each Outward Bound pack going back to the Trust, the pack is an important communication piece for promoting its activities.

After years of design evolutions, the Hubbards Outward Bound packaging was suffering from mixed messaging, a diluted connection with the Trust, and needed to brought under the new Hubbards branding livery.

With growing consumer demand for protein enriched foods, Hubbards felt the time was right to re-energise and boosts the Outward Bound cereal range.

Coats Design was called on to turn things around and head the Outboard Bound cereal range in the right direction.

The new packaging designs had to reflect the new Hubbards branding, restore prominence to the Outward Bound Trust and reflect the product promise.

A bold logo lock up – based on an embroidered Scout-style badge – splashed with a palette of natural, vibrant and earthy colours emotes the theme of adventure and the great New Zealand outdoors.. The Outward Bound logo is proudly back on front of pack again, with lots of support stories and images on the reverse.

Ingredient images burst from the cereal bowl, adding more vitality and taste appeal.

Other key creative considerations were a consistent architecture to provide strong brand blocking and shelf navigation, plus a flexibility to allow future range and category expansion.

The packs now radiate health and energy appealing to adventure seekers, sports players and keen exercisers.