Topionic (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designers: Barbara Gonzalez, Laura Planas, Mireia Ordeix, Laura Aguilar Casado
Project Type: Student Project
Course: Masters in Packaging Design
Supervised: Isaac Salom and Enric Aguilera
Packaging Content: Iodine Solution
Location: Barcelona, Spain

Rebranding, industrial design and graphic design for the brand TOPIONIC

Topionic is povidone iodine solution employed as a disinfectant and antiseptic, to treat cuts in the skin. The industrial design focuses on improving usability and dosage of the product, using a spray system targeted for the range of daily use, developing different dispensing systems according to the implementation. A structural design based on formal simplification occurs, creating a perception kinder, according to the type of product. The graphic design is based on verticality, placing the information clearly to the user.

The chromatic range of the brand remains the main product, differentiating the other uses color using a partition at the top of the cans and boxes.