Agency: JDO, UK
Client: Unilever
Project type: Commercial
Location: Launch in The Netherlands

JDO creates Andrélon Deluxe super premium salon tier

JDO Brand Design & Innovation has created Andrélon Deluxe, a new super premium salon tier for Dutch haircare brand Andrélon, with Unilever. The range comprises ten SKUs across three variants and aims to offer professional salon haircare at a more accessible and affordable price.

Andrélon is the market leader within haircare in The Netherlands with a market share of 30% within Wash & Care and 7.8% in Styling. Introduced in 1940, the brand has a strong heritage. With its bold purple colour and 3D scalp structure, it is an iconic and well-loved brand. Consumers see it as very much a Dutch brand that is down to earth and emotionally engages with them across pack, design, price and all other communications.

JDO was briefed to develop the new premium Andrélon Deluxe tier to stand above and be clearly differentiated from the core range whilst working with existing core design and building on Andrélon’s DNA in an aspirational way, whilst maximizing shelf presence and brand blocking.

Elegant satin finished tubes have been introduced, while soft vignettes replace the previous heavier core graphic elements. The new design elevates the premium tier to a more distinct and premium position, providing peace and serenity in a cluttered and crowded shelf space. Andrélon has historically provided enjoyable everyday haircare. With the launch of the Deluxe range, Andrélon consumers can now experience salon expertise from their own home.

Ray Smith, creative director at JDO said, “The packs build on the recognisable purple branding and playful nature that we associate with the Andrélon brand, but offer a more sophisticated look and feel to secure our position in this more premium territory.”

Lidewei Derksen, Andrélon marketing manager added, “The new designs by JDO have firmly positioned us as the number one hair range in The Netherlands and reinforce our everyday, no-nonsense credentials.”

She added, “We wanted to provide consumers with salon quality products through the Andrélon brand. JDO has created a premium tier range of packs to enable us to do this. Andrélon consumers are self assured and positive but time poor. They don’t believe in fairy tales and big promises, but are just interested in good looking hair and being well cared for every day.”