LYRA Gianduja Chocolate

Michal Slovák

Designer: Michal Slovák
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: LYRA chocolate
Location: Slovakia
Packaging Contents: Chocolate, sweets
Packaging Materials: Kraft paper

Since 2012 LYRA has stood for the highest quality handmade chocolate made in Slovakia. Lyra chocolate made of the finest cocoa beans, criollo and trinitario, grown on the plantations in the Middle and South America, was granted an international award Great Taste 2014. This year they decided to place a new line of their own recipe premium products on the market. The aim was to create new packages for the premium products. Simple, playful and extraordinary just like the products themselves and this way distinguishable from the other chocolate.

As a result, after two coated products LYRA BEAN-TO-BAR and three LYRA Absolut, there are two more. The new premium LYRA products – Fruity Gianduja and Just Gianduja chocolate.

What’s Unique?
The bars are from kraft paper and feature a colourful graphic, indicative of the pure fresh ingredients used to create it – cane sugar, Piedmont hazelnuts and 30% Gianduja. Again, the new design goes hand in hand with the essence, the taste itself. As the Lyra chocolate flavors are well tuned so do the design of new packages.