LYRA Single Origin Chocolate Bars Collection

Michal Slovák

Designer: Michal Slovák
Photography: Nora Sapárová, Jakub Čaprnka
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: LYRA Chocolate
Location: Slovakia
Packaging Contents: Chocolate, Cocoa
Packaging Materials: Kraft paper, Gold stamping

LYRA it’s expression. It’s playfull, handmade, but well crafted and also with beautiful notes just like music instrument.

Lyra chocolate made of the finest cocoa beans, criollo and trinitario, grown on the plantations in the Middle and South America, was granted an international award Great Taste 2014 and Greate Taste 2015.

These single origin bars are the latest addition to Lyra chocolate’s range.

Simple, playful and extraordinary just like the products themselves and still distinguishable from the other chocolate. New design goes hand in hand with the taste itself. As the Lyra chocolate flavors are well tuned, so is the design of new packages.

What’s Unique?
Redesigned line of premium products is using a deep, rich colors to help recognize chocolate bars by region of their origin. Because of pictograms on front side, packages looks just like postcards send to you from a good friends all around cocoa plantations in Middle and South America. And also well packed in kraft paper, to accentuate it’s handmade production and honest approach.