Design: Michal Slovák
Location: Slovakia
Project Type: Produced
Photos: Nora and Jakub Čaprnka
Product Launch Location: Europe
Packaging Contents: Sweets
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium

KOLATCH TUBA is a dessert in a tube composed of premium ingredients without artificial flavors. Simple just like the design of the package itself. With the choice of fonts and colors we managed to create the impression of a sweet dessert at first glance. And without banal and overworked pictures of fruits or nuts.

The recognizability of the brand’s products is important. The main distinguishers are cream colors reflecting the individual flavors and their composition, while radically differentiating the brand on the shelf with their calm and unassuming impression. The layout consists of a combination of hand lettering type that acts as a visual element and messaging tool. It evokes a feeling of creaminess free of unnecessary descriptors. This results in a clean layout that communicates the premium category of the product.

What’s Unique?
The company manufactures its products in an innovative way and also pays attention to ethics and ecology. Therefore, aluminium was chosen for the product as it is a material that can be recycled indefinitely. As much as 75% of the world’s aluminium production is still in circulation.