Kolatch Fruit Dragée

Michal Slovák

Kolatch is a manufacturer of premium confectionery, which brings a new product line for the popular fruit dragée. Raspberries, strawberries but also forest fruits drizzled in three types of chocolate. White, milky, and hot.

Just as the raw materials themselves are selected without compromising on quality, the packaging is in playful and tasty colors, composed of silhouettes of fruit dragée in packaging, which is a visual metaphor for the products themselves and the colors always resemble the selected species.

If you know other products from the Kolatch brand, you know that the new range fits them very well. It is intended for impulsive sales and the main task was to make the products easily recognizable and easily packaged. They are therefore packed in a practical paper flowpack, which is also easily recyclable.

So simple.


Michal Slovák


Designer: Michal Slovák



Client: Kolatch



Photo: Nora a Jakub