Design Agency: Michal Slovák
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: LYRA chocolate
Location: Slovakia, Czech Republic
Packaging Contents: Chocolate, cocoa, sweet, fruit
Packaging Materials: Kraft paper, gold stamping

In the language of the Aztecs, the founders of chocolate, CUALLI XOCOLATL literally means “good chocolate”. That is why the logotype itself composed of letters resembles an Aztec face and is printed in gold.

Good chocolate in the new packagings is new sub-brand of LYRA chocolates and is meant for merchandising in Central Europe chian stores.

What’s Unique?
Handmade chocolate is covered in freeze dried fruit. To emphasize the special fruit a new way of opening the craft packaging was developed. It’s a side opening, keeping chocolate in the packaging while allowing to peep inside and spot a piece of chocolate. The simplicity of chocolate with raspberry and strawberry taste is stressed with colours and shapes resembling the fruit.