Farris Premium PET Bottle



Agency: JDO, UK
Client: Ringnes
Project type: Commercial
Packaging Content: Mineral Water
Location: Norway

JDO creates premium packaging for Norwegian brand Farris

JDO Brand & Design has again partnered with Ringnes, the Carlsberg owned drinks business in Norway, this time to redesign the Farris premium range. Farris is a brand of mineral water produced in Larvik and is Norway’s oldest and No.1 bottled water brand.

The agency was asked to develop ‘the next generation’ Farris Premium PET bottle across three variants for the ontrade. JDO adopted a revolutionary and technically challenging approach to the 3D structure redesign and an evolutionary development of the 2D graphics to elevate the brand presentation, whilst ensuring consolidation of the brand’s existing identity and positioning.

Following the initial brief, JDO was also asked to develop a branded Farris glass for use across the ontrade. In the past, the Farris glass played an important role in building the brand’s visibility, equity and premium position in restaurants. The re-launch of the PET bottle, enabled the opportunity to modernise the classic glass and align it with the new design.

The new Farris PET bottle design features elegant flowing lines debossed into the profile that add a sympathetic softness and tactility to the form. Together with the smooth, teardrop shape the design delivers a modern and classic aesthetic with new details to create an iconic bottle that captures the essence of the refreshed Farris brand.

The 2D graphics introduce the visual equities of Farris with the subtle use of the diamond shape to drive consumer recognition. The label itself wraps around the bottle’s neck, cutting the complementing flowing lines to create impact and a bold, contemporary feel. The design of each premium variant maintains strong parallels with the existing Farris core bottle range design to help drive brand consistency.

JDO’s new Farris glass design echoes the natural flowing lines and strong shape of the new bottle with an increased focus on the key Farris diamond equity to deliver an elegant and premium on-trade experience.

Paul Drake, JDO co-founder and creative director said, “We’ve preserved the recognisable Farris iconography, particularly the diamond detail, however, the structure has been premiumised and the graphics revitalised, to build and communicate the brand story.”

Marianne Høy Erikstad, Senior Brand Manager at Ringnes, added, “JDO has created a design solution that delivers a premium and sophisticated feel for the brand. The new design combines tactility and beautiful graphics to create elegant and iconic packs that appeal to both consumers and the trade. The team was also able to use their specialist knowledge and understanding to bridge the gap between the design vision and the technical challenges the project presented. We’re thrilled with the result.”

Packs are currently being rolled out across Norway.