I Like Tofu

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Derrick Lin


Agency: FORK
Designers: Anja Korenč, Matic Batagelj
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Avokado
Location: Slovenia
Packaging Contents: Tofu
Packaging Materials: Cardboard

I LIKE TOFU is a new brand of eight different flavored organic, vegan and fresh tofus which lead us along the path from the Mediterranean to the Orient.

The packaging resembles a paper bag and has an unique closing tab. Colours differ from product to product and are representing the essences of different flavours. Unique black & white hand drawn illustrations reveal the ingredients of each tofu.

A whole line of eight products is designed as a whole and thus also appears on the supermarket shelves.

Eight colored rainbow impressed the international jury at 7th Biennial of Slovene Visual Communications and it became one of the finalists.