Krafto Beer

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Rolandas Rimkunas
Copywrting: “Black Florence”
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Krafto alus (Krafto beer)
Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Materials: Silkscreening on the glass

The brief was to create a visual flavour family built on the legend of Krafto beer. The beer range was to be designed to appeal directly at a group we came to identify as “Urban Creative Millenials”. We set out to communicate not a flavour of the beer, but the legend behind each flavour.

About the brand
“Krafto alus” is a beer filled with flavor and soul. More than a drink, “Krafto alus” is a social lubricant par excellence. It shapes and colors the mood of your evening by way of powerful narratives of tastes, images and words. “Yankees in Cuba” is a nostalgic musing on lost love. “Ne 8” is a reflection on manliness and gentlemanly sins. “Bishop of Uganda” touches upon the diabolic and the divine. “Double Kaputt” explores the ironies of human relationships.

The legend
The narratives draw from the memory of Jonas Kraftas, a Livonian German who adopted the manor of Butautai (Lithuanian Highland) as his home by late nineteenth century. Bringing with him the tradition and elegance of German brewing, he transformed the manor into a local powerhouse of premium craft beer. “Krafto alus” celebrates his accomplishments, adventures and dreams. Confessedly, our memories of Mr. Kraftas have run a little wild. The beer stories are built around the mysterious events that happened one night in 1899, when the manor was struck by a hurricane, and the sleepless brewer was forced to encounter the supernatural in a garden seized by shadows.