Agency: bluemarlin
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Norac Foods
Location: London, UK
Packaging Contents: Crepes

Bluemarlin has created a new brand identity for Norac Foods’ Whaoo!, launching this month into the UK baked goods market.

In France, Whaou! is the undisputed leader in the Filled Crepes Market. Offering a delicious range of innovative snacks for children and teenagers, the brand balances nutrition and taste with a great dose of fun.

For the UK market, the brand has been renamed, Whaoo! The initial offering is a range of delicious filled crepes to be served as a gouter, an afternoon snack for children.

The new Whaoo! design delightfully tells the story of Gerrard the Giraffe and his friends as they share a snack and play. Simple and sweet, just like the crepes within, the illustration shows different animals curing up to take their turn bungee jumping off the gentle giraffe’s nose. The vibrant brand marque infuses energy into the brand whilst the back of pack is used to teach children French.

Ian Catling, Creative Director at bluemarlin UK, said: “We wanted to create an endearing story that engages and delights children. Conveying the French heritage of the brand was key, a way of introducing children to their rich culture and language in a fun and educational way.”

Bruno De Bourmont from Norac Foods, added: “Whaou! is a beloved brand in France and we were eager to introduce it to the British market with an identity that is fun, imaginative and delightful. The new design for Whaoo! succeeds in capturing the brand’s French spirit with a charming story that children and parents alike will love.”