12 Chocolate Fortunes



Agency: Pavlov’s Design
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: The “GOOD FOOD” Group of Companies
Location: Russia
Packaging Contents: Candy

The aim: to develop the concept design and shape-factor for the chocolate gift set packaging with an additional consuming experience. The price segment: medium-price, low-medium price.

The decision: the essential part of target audiences are women in their 20-ties 30-ties with a medium or lower medium income level. Our consumer is a romantic young lady, who likes to flip through the pages of glossy magazines, reads horoscopes and enjoys evening tea with girlfriends. The key issue is to propose her some sort of a game in addition to sweets. There would be the reason to linger over the cup of tea with friends or to enjoy a treat in front of TV in the evening. She would be able to read good fortunes and make tune intopositive emotions. The given idea was achieved by means on the one hand unique and, on the other hand simple constructive packaging solution. Take a sweet with your zodiac sign from the box and read the fortune. It’s simple! And if you need to renew fortunes, all you need to do is change the inner part of the box. The form of the box is the key thing that features the product within its category on the shop shelf. Then follows the colour, mood and design of the food zone, which is not only important for the product presentation but is also crucial for the attraction of the consumer in the given price segment.