Morskoe Craft Beer (Concept)

Derrick Lin


Agency: UPRISE
Project Type: Concept
Location: Moscow, Russia
Packaging Contents: Beer

Agency «UPRISE» has developed the conceptual design of craft beer “Morskoe” (connected with the sea), with its unique style and own history.

This project expands the vodka brand “Morskaya”, bringing it into a new category – beer. The range of beers “Morskoe” consists of three varieties, each of which has the original name.

The author of the concept, creative Director Alexey Astakhov, says: “There are no former seamen. I served in the Northern Fleet and the sea spirit will always be with me. Sea for me is the myths and stories; this is a legend about terrible monster Kraken which take down ships; about seamaids that allure sailors, about old lighthouse showing the way to the bank. If you heard such story at least once, it will never be forgotten – all of this has inspired us to create interesting and unusual beer, which also has its own history.

The bottle form of beer “Morskoe” reminds the mooring bollard, and the label – shoulder straps of seamen. Through the use of the kraft paper and the unusual labels fixture with twine, it creates unique “Nautical ” temper of the brand, qualitative and natural.

The entire range consists exclusively of dark beers: red velvet, dark strong beer and dark non-filtered beer. Naming of the product line also reflects a nautical theme and linked to the classification of the storms on Beaufort wind scale: “number 3”, “number 7” and “number 9”.