Beebombom by Beesweet

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Design Agency: Beesweet in-house team
CEO: Ana Pais
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Oliveira de Azeméis, Portugal
Packaging Contents: Chocolate & Honey
Packaging Materials: Big box Paper, Mini box recycled paper

Bonbons filled with flavoured nectar Beesweet and edible gold.

The Beebonbon by Beesweet is a bonbon filled with unique flavoured nectar with edible gold, exclusively created by Beesweet. Specially designed to surprise the richest taste, this Belgian dark chocolate bonbon contrasts deliciously with the traditional “Honey”. Since the most intensively flavoured nectar as the No. 88 Fire, to the fresher and balsamic as No. 5 Winter, each bonbon causes an unforgettable experience of the senses.

Beebonbon sensations
This exquisite box of 100g stuffed bonbons Beebonbon by Beesweet, provides the experience to enjoy 3 unforgettable moments.
The involvement of Belgian dark chocolate is intensively lived in three different ways:

1st – A Bonbon stuffed with flavoured nectar, Nº 5 Winter – mint: the starting is an engaging creaminess which explodes in a sensation of expansive freshness and lightness. Its consumption takes us to energizing freedom of experiences, making us feel confident and passionately bold.

2nd – A Bonbon filled with flavoured nectar, Nº 25 Christmas – cinnamon: talking about the most aromatic chocolate, this perfect marriage between black Belgian chocolate and “honey” with a touch of cinnamon, provides us tranquility and harmony. This Bonbon, takes us to nostalgic places of complicity. It prevails experiences of the festive seasons lived in the family.

3rd – A Bonbon filled with flavoured nectar, Nº 88 Fire – spicy: get ready for a warm burst of flavour in your mouth, causing you ecstatic experiences and intense pleasure. The taste in your mouth is full, fiery and sweet. The exquisite black Belgian chocolate merges on the palate.

The Bonbon by Beesweet Box was inspired by the traditional matchboxes. This model has been redesigned by the founders of Beesweet, with a twist of comtemporaneadade and refinement. Each Bonbon is placed on a flower, with the pictogram that characterizes the natural aroma of honey chosen. On the outside of the box are also identified three honey flavors, with the honeycomb cut directly into the box.

The colors were chosen in order to print on the box the image timelessness of design and respect for Beesweet brand.

Listed materials for food use.

What’s Unique?
Box inspired in the traditional matchboxes with paper flower, that serves to place each bonbon. The product itself: flavored Honey bonbons filled with edible gold flakes is also an innovation in the market.