Babymeal – Infant Food

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Derrick Lin


Design Agency: Brij Design Studio
Project Manager: Kruti Chatwani
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Scientific Brain Nutraceuticals Pvt Ltd
Location: India
Packaging Contents: Baby food
Packaging Materials: Paper

Scientific brain is a start up company, manufacturing infant and baby food. Being a startup, they had a fear of the giants in their industry who were ruling the market. By only having the product better than the competitors was not enough. Packaging was the key element which could play a major role in the sale of the product. After they came to us to design their packaging we did a lot of brainstorming on the shape of the pack. Instead of the standard 4 sided pack we started thinking out of the box and came up with the possibility of an angular width. This not only made the box look interesting but also it was better to hold it.Designing the babymeal logo , the character of panda with the whole layout and colour scheme , was all done so well that the box was appreciated by the client

What’s Unique?
Packaging designing for Babymeal was a combination of fun and planning together. Fun because we were sure we wanted to break the monotony of designing a squarish box. Planning, because we had to design the box so that it is eye catching, distinctive and functioned in handling. After hours of brain Storming and lots of play with paper, folding and cutting we constructed the box that not only appeals and attracts greater attention but also intensifies perception and stimulates interest in buying. While shape of the package is an important design element, the content layout and colour palate is equally important . Babymeal was able to influence purchasing decisions and create an impact in driving sales.