Bowler and Bowler IPA Beer

Derrick Lin


Design Agency: KINETIQ Design bureau
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Gletcher Brewery
Location: Saint Petersburg, Russia
Packaging Contents: Beer
Packaging Materials: Paper, Cardboard

We created this package for Gletcher Brewery’s craft ales. Gletcher Brewery was founded in Klin, Russia. It follows classic beer recipes and experiments with new flavours, producing lager, stout, kriek and ale. Our client wanted to design a new trademark for their ale and IPA (indian pale ale), representing classic taste in a modern context. The overall package design concept was defined by the naming (also created by us), which was inspired by a well-known symbol of English style – a classic black bowler. So, after some iterations, we finally came up with these logo characters – amber fox for Bowler and green Indian crocodile for Bowler IPA. Traditional “tattoo style” united two characters in one story but at the same time showed the beer taste through their nature reflected in the label and box pattern: classic, but at the same time a little rowdy and adventurous for Bowler, and brutal, rebellious, hard for Bowler IPA.

The beers have been already warmly welcomed by craft beer lovers and are distributed in HoReca and Russian retail chains.

What’s Unique?
Because of the pattern, the label stands out on the shelf in the retail stores and helps to identify the brand for the retail customers. Catchy logo characters help to identify the beer among other craft beers and according to the client’s feedback a lot of customers begin to ask for “fox beer” or “that green crocodile beer”.