Design by Ildong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Designer: You Jin Jung
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Packaging Contents: Health Supplement Food

Ildong Doctor Royal, packed in a pouch for daily intake, provides the convenience of drinking, while demonstrating the genuine value of the red ginseng which has been told from ancient times with luxurious leather textured pattern on the packing box. The packing was also added with the stitching line image to make a realistic impression of the leather texture. In addition, the pouch was designed with the motif of traditional ceramic bottle, emphasizing the authentic value of itself. To show the functional differentiation as a functional food product, book-like structural packaging was chosen. This raises the reliability of the product by additionally providing professional health product-related information. The certified efficacy of red ginseng is improving memory, enhancing immunity, and treating fatigue. The whole family can enjoy Ildong Doctor Royal as it contains functional ingredients effective for students, workers, full-time moms, etc. Therefore, the product adopted universal graphical elements in its package design to attract unconfined and a broad range of target customers.