Gloger City Brewery

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Design Agency: Ostecx Créative
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Gloger City Brewery
Location: Białystok, Poland
Packaging Contents: Beer

Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best. Looking for inspiration for new labels of Gloger City Brewery we reached the “Encyclopedia of Old-Polish”, which is the most famous work of Zygmunt Gloger – a historian and ethnographer, the patron of the brewery from Bialystok (Poland). On its pages we found a lot of interesting slogans and descriptions, which we treated as a starting point for creating a new brand identity.

So far, we are after market debut of 7 beers: Light beer – Hecarz, Red Irish Ale – Krasna Jędza , Pils – Bykowe, Märzenbier – Nocne Antały, Kristal Weissbier – Trzy Mary, Belgian Blonde Ale – Płocha Gocha, AIPA – Wesołe Ziele, Pale Ale – Wiczy Dół. The basic product line of brewery is promoted by slogan: “It’s good to know foreign beers, knowing domestic, it is an obligation” which is a paraphrase of the motto of the “Encyclopedia of Old-Polish” by Z. Gloger.