Hedon Craft Beer Identity – 2nd Round

Derrick Lin


Design Agency: FlyingObjects studio
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Hedon craft beer
Location: Budapest, Hungary
Packaging Contents: Craft beer

Since the beginning we have been working together with Hedon, a local craftbeer company and from a single logo the work evolved into a creative art direction project by Flying Objects. The brand expanded with five completely different kinds of beer with completely different target audiences and prices, but the brand is still remains recognizable and unique with humor, bold colors and fun texts.

Katalin Cárnő – Hedon’s most elegant and sophisticated beer. The full-bodied taste of this black porter is fit for a royalty. It got it’s name from the Russian tsarina, Catherine the Great.

Balatonvilágosi – you can meet all the characters of theHedon universe at the same time on this fun label. The water on the picture is Balaton, the biggest lake in Hungary, and as that, the center of adventures, fun, heartbreaks and first kisses. Drink a few sips and get lost in the drawings.

Charlie Firpo – is an iconic pop culture figure from the 1978 movie, Trinity: Gambling for High Stakes. The always fighting, food loving guy played by Bud Spencer became the mascot of this APA. It is a strong beer for strong fellows and girls and it is emphasized with the chubby bottle and the graphic as well.

Helmut – Meet Helmut, the stereotypical tourist at the lake Balaton with his fanny pack, slippers, blings and mullet. He likes car races and football and will drink with you anytime. His attributions and objects were the inspiration for this label.

Infúzió – Look’s like something the doctor would order. It’s almost true. It is a light beer with a dash of salt and coriander. It’s refreshing without an overbearing taste. The inspiration came from the medical world and the center of the label is a prescription that helps you to drink it correctly.