Design Agency: mousegraphics
Creative Director: Greg Tsaknakis
Illustrator: Ioanna Papaioannou
Art Director: Alexandros Mavrogiannis
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Socks

The briefing:
“We need an innovative packaging idea for our various kinds of socks.”

The target consumer:
All ages, both sexes. Consumers familiar with the brand and new, design conscious, buyers.

The design:
Our client is a well known company with a strong brand. We needed to refresh its image through packaging and also unify several products under one smart idea with functional variations. If socks are dressing the feet and shoes are completing the process we took a mental step ahead: we dressed socks in shoes thus creating a playful visual for the most common decision each consumer has to make every day. Each sock packaging is the image of a type of shoe (women’s, sports, men’s, casual) paired with the appropriate sock. Bic products are differentiated but a larger, and easier to ‘read’ category (shoes) is now providing the unifying principle. Everyday customer choice is transferred to the shoe whereas socks can be of no other brand than our client’s.

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