Hole Bottle ( Student Project)



Designers: Hyeonmin Lee, Yuri Seo, Yeonjung Kang
Project Type: Student Project
School: Hongik University
Course: Contextual Object Design (1)
Tutor: Seokjin Moon
Location: Sejong, South Korea
Packaging Contents: Water bottle
Packaging Materials: Plastic

Analyzing milk carton, Hyeonmin Lee discovered the angle (3 sides 120˚) of top of carton makes it good to stack and the long form of milk carton is because of lowest using of material(paper). The reason is because milk is largely distributed product. Milk is short-lifespan product and needed everywhere and everyday. So it has to be good for distribution. To get that, it has to be good for arranging, stacking and has to need smaller space.

So Lee thought about apply this to other product and water bottle was perfect.

This ‘Hole Bottle’ has a hole under the bottom. So it can be connected with top of other bottle. So it reduces needed space of top.

And it has shape of almost rectangular because it’s good for stacking and space efficiency.

The length of the existing 500 mL bottle is 21 cm. And length of Hole bottle is 15 cm when they are stacked.

Therefore, needed height for sacking is reduced to about 71%.

And existing bottle occupies 635.25 cm^3. But redesigned bottle occupies only 540 cm^3 when they are stacked.

Therefore needed space for stacking reduces to 85%. It means other words, it needed 85% distribution cost!

What’s Unique?
It’s good for stacking and space efficiency. very well. And the layering of water and plastic bottle of bottom of this bottle has many possibility of new visual element. This funny structure of connection can be used for advertisement or decoration, refraction, reflection. there are many possibility.