Backbone Branding


Design Agency: Backbone Branding
Art Direction/ Design: Stepan Azaryan
Design: Kristine Khlushyan, Lilit Arshakyan
Photography: Backbone Branding
Photoshoot Campaign: Emma Grigoryan “Thiternik”
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Shabeeg Ltd
Location: Yerevan, Armenia
Packaging Contents: Fashion

Having an age-old cultural heritage, our initial challenge was to make the new Armenian t-shirt brand depict its roots.

The brand logo also depicts this essential idea. We took a small ornament from a traditional Armenian carpet and pictured it in a pixelated art style.

The whole brand essence is constructed on the idea that the Armenian people, spread around the world, make it a sweeter and a better place.

Besides the main branding line we have developed exclusive illustrations for Shabeeg t-shirts, depicting traditional Armenian elements. The illustrations present the endemic animals that inhabit or have inhabited in the territory of Armenia the territory of Armenia from ancient times and are included in the Red Book. They also portray the Armenian heroes, represent Armenian legendary miniatures and national ornaments. The illustrations of the t-shirts are worked out keeping hip, stylish and modern in mind though carrying the traditional spirit, representing it in a modern way and spreading the essential ethnicity of the brand through the t-shirts around the world.