elit® USHUAÏA 2016 Limited Edition Bottle


Agency: JDO
Client: SPI Group
Project type: Commercial
Location: UK

JDO Brand & Design has continued its partnership with SPI Group and the elit® Vodka brand to create a limited edition bottle celebrating the unique collaboration for the second year with Palladium Hotel Group’s USHUAÏA Ibiza Beach Hotel. The elit® USHUAÏA 2016 limited edition bottle comes in time for the party season in Ibiza, the unofficial party capital of the world.

JDO was briefed to cement elit® Vodka’s position as the original benchmark for ultra luxury vodka and to increase awareness and encourage trial and repeat purchase through stand out on shelf. The creative teams were asked to target 30-45 year olds who purchase elit® Vodka as a gift either for others or themselves.

The new design features Ushuaïa’s humming bird identity reversed out of frosted glass. The frosting acts as a beautiful white canvas while the humming bird is instantly recognizable covered in the floral textures and patterns associated with the world-renowned club. The hummingbird is produced in matt black to sit comfortably with the elit® Vodka brand and the floral patterns are created using a tactile black gloss, delivering premium cues.

Paul Drake, JDO co-founder and creative director said, “The unique collaboration of elit® Vodka and USHUAÏA has led to the most beautiful bottle on Ibiza. We’ve gently frosted the iconic bottle to define its profile in the dark club environment as well as to deliver an icy cold feel as the sun goes down. The overall impression is one of an exclusive design for an energized but discerning consumer.”

Piet-Hein Schnellen, global marketing manager elit® Vodka, commented, “JDO has truly brought our partnership with USHUAÏA alive this year whilst staying true to the elit® Vodka brand. The limited edition design has moved on considerably from previous years resulting in a much more confident and integrated representation.”

JDO has previously created duty free packaging for elit® Vodka as well as a multi award winning ultra limited edition pack for the exclusive Pristine Water Series: Andean Edition retailing at EUR 3,000 per numbered bottle (250 bottles worldwide).