Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Bienal Comunicación
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Location: México
Packaging Contents: Alcoholic Beverage
Packaging Materials: Glass Bottle

Mil nombres is not a mezcal, is a collaborative and fair action to name the many mezcaleros masters who can no longer call their mezcal, mezcal.

A product that is the result of transmitting knowledge, teachings and respect for nature. Produced for special occasions such as “quince años”, weddings and religious festivities.

The popularity and tendency for mezcal has generated actions and regulations related to the appellation of origin; harming many of the original mezcalero masters and their families, whom in many cases have stopped producing their ancestor’s product or have been conditioned to sell at unfair cost that are unsustainable.

Mil nombres is a non commercial initiative, therefor the bottle design has no specific information, generating opportunities to exchange the bottles with any of the families and mezcalero masters, thus dignify their product. Even when the bottle does not have any specific information printed, it does provide spaces where they are free to place the Master´s name, alcohol percentage and product origin, without using the word mezcal.

For all evil the Mescaleros Maters: Mil nombres, for all good too.