BABEL – Cook’s Ingredients (Student Project)

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Derrick Lin


Designer: Makrina Oikonomidou
Project Type: Student Project
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Ingredients, spices, olive oil, vinegar
Packaging Materials: Paper, glass

BABEL is a company of unique flavors offering raw cooking materials and ingredients from all over the world. Each ingredient is collected in the country where it flourishes the most so as to give authentic flavour and smell in every dish.Olive oil from Greece, pink salt from Pakistan, ginger from China, clove from Indonesia, bay leaves from Turkey… A wide range of over 30 ingredients come from the four parts of the world to get together in your plate!

It is addressed to everyone who adores cooking, both amateurs and professionals.

For the packaging design, I created a grid system, which can be easily adjusted to the numerous BABEL product needs. I have also chosen a specific number of shapes and sizes in both jars and bottles in order to make the product series harmonic. Every packaging is constructed handmade paper, made by the key ingredient, and screen printed in the characteristic color of the country of origin.

So, take along with us the journey to flavors and fragrances from all over the world!