Aveiro, Lisbon, New York, Napa Valley

Creative Agency: M&A Creative Agency
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Magnum Wines
Location: Anadia, Portugal
Packaging Contents: Wine

A very special wine, from Dão Region (Portugal), with an unique name and history.

When our client presented to our creative team the story behind the wine, our first impression was “this must be an unique and remarkable project” with a graphic concept that truly explain the brand’s history and attitude.

The winemaker started his career in this particular region, where many of the wines produced were coming from vineyards with blends combining different varieties. Most of the wines were perfumed and smooth with a long tasting finish, result of red and white grapes vinification. From these old memories and the perfect blend of Encruzado and Touriga Nacional grapes, a new wine was born – E.T. Ribeiro Santo

The graphic representation of this blend is also an analogy between two different hands and worlds, that when together become the perfect combination. Many people describe this wine as an experience from another world and so it is.