Kyu (Student Project)



Designer: JQ Lim
Project Type: Student Project
School: ArtCenter College of Design
Course: Package Design 1
Tutor: Dan Hoy
Location: Pasadena, USA
Packaging Contents: Hot Spring Powder, Body Wash, Body Lotion, Aroma Candle, Bristle, Tray, Furoshiki
Packaging Materials: Glass, Cherry Wood, Plastic

These days, it’s hard for people with a busy lifestyle to find moments of quality relaxation. However, it is important that you relax, no matter what your profession is. One of the best ways to unwind and relax your exhausted body and brain is by taking a good soak in a comfy bath. For all those times when you can’t just hop on a private jet and visit Japanese hot springs, Shiseido is introducing the best bath products to transform your plain, porcelain tub into the hot springs of Japan.

What’s Unique?
休 is read as Kyu in Japanese. Two letters combined together create one character. On the left ‘亻’ means human, on the right ‘木’ means tree. Its meaning is ‘Human take a rest lean on tree.’ and meaning of character is ‘rest’ and ‘relaxing, so the tree is the key element for this product. Cherry wood which is one of the most popular tree in Japan is used for each products. Frosted bottle reflect the steam of bath. The trays are triangle shape which can fit to corner of the bath tub. Furoshiki which is traditional Japanese wrapping cloth is used for wrapping. It can be used for various ways after.