Designer: Andrew Zo
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: BioLytical
Location: Vancouver, Canada
Packaging Contents: Medical devices
Packaging Materials: Corrugated Cardboard

Over the past year, Andrew Zo had the opportunity to work with Biolytical, a company based in Vancouver, Canada, on the world’s fastest HIV self test. Similar to an over the counter product, such as a pregnancy test, the INSTI® HIV Self Test can be operated completely by the user. The goal was an approachable design that can be easily operated.

A few key factors in creating Biolytical’s user-friendly packaging:

The packaging provides an operations area, which ensures the test can be self-contained during use. An opaque sealable plastic bag is also included for easy and discreet disposal.

Extensive user trials were conducted to validate instructions and diagrams. The manual was designed into a booklet instead of a map fold for a more user-friendly experience.

The psychology of the buyer was considered when creating the box graphics. A clean and minimal design was chosen to create an approachable look. The design opted for a calm turquoise colour scheme as well as a photograph of a hand, which indicates where the test will be performed.

What’s Unique?
A packaging project with an emphasis on user experience design.