Designer: Andrew Zo
Copywriting: Kat Hertz
Illustrator: Jessica WS Wong
Photography: Joel Krahn
Location: Canada
Project Type: Produced
Client: Origo Foods
Product Launch Location: Canada
Packaging Contents: Freeze Dried Fruits
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Heat Sealed Pouch
Printing Process: Digital

Origo Foods is a new business venture from a young husband and wife team. Using 100% real ingredients and 0 additives, they hope to introduce freeze dried fruits to moms & kids.

Origo uses super low temperatures, up to -50°C (brrr!) to remove water, but let the fruits retain most of their nutrition, shape, and natural colour. Once it has been dried, the fruit tastes crunchy and can be stored at room temperature.

We chose an approachable (cute!) direction that would appeal to the key demographics and centered our efforts around this main idea, which included:

  • Bold colour combinations to ensure that the packaging is eye catching and unique.
  • Illustrations were drawn a little imperfect to create a cute but non-child-like look.
  • Packaging layout was kept clean for clarity & easy to understand information.
  • Products were styled like little creatures on plates & bowls to encourage mixing origo products with other food and snacks.