Run It Back is a new service in Toronto that picks up online returns from the home to the post office. Being a brand new company, Run It Back wanted to establish its brand awareness by sending out a welcome kit to their initial subscribers.

The kit itself only consists of a set of shipping stickers and instructions. That’s it. Run It Back recognizes this may seem too simple but they also didn’t want additional material that could be thrown out right away. How to raise brand awareness with a very minimalist welcome kit?

During the research phase, he was reminded that many users had difficulty locating the end of a clear packing tape. Hence this became the challenge for the welcome kit–that somehow it could transform into a tool that can solve this problem.

Andrew Zo has designed a paper gadget that snaps off from the welcome kit upon opening. Designed to be assembled with ease, adhesive and scissors are not required. It is able to accommodate a new or partially used coil of tape. To ensure the paper gadget doesn’t get damaged from wear and tear, a raised tab prevents the tape from fully making contact with the gadget itself.