Andrew Zo

Brand new packaging created for SAXX’s Fall 2021 baselayer program. The package was completely re-imagined with a box system designed for durability & functionality. Some key highlights include:

  • A windowless design. This reduces plastic use while ensuring the structural integrity of the box.
  • 2 big side doors to give customers easy access to the garment.
  • Double-walled reinforcements at key areas for additional structural integrity.


The new visual design highlights the differences between the lightweight and mid-weight garments and introduces many visual cues not found on SAXX’s other packaging. Key highlights include:

  • A large area on the front of the packaging is printed with the fun patterns of the garment to help with selection.
  • Warmth indicator for quick identification of garment weight.
  • Full program guide for additional silhouettes availability & end-use.
  • Icons for quick scan of the numerous technical features.