Packaging You Shouldn’t Miss In October 2016

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Packaging of the World presents the top 10 posts for the month of October 2016. They are selected according to their post views, social shares, social likes, re-tweets repins and people reached. All these data were collected on this website and also on different platforms like our Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest page. These projects will definitely inspire you for your next design project!

Drink The Force concept design by Christian Rivera

Christian Rivera cheekily designed this Star Wars paper cups concept. Using straws as an comical extension to the lightsabers, it will certainly turn some heads holding the cups.

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AUGA Organic Food packaging design by McCann Vilnius

AUGA (eng. growing) is organic food brand growing in Lithuania. Simple and minimal packaging represents whole organic food concept – involving as little as possible in food growing process. Packaging is divided in to two parts: sky and ground. “Ground” color represents product nature, it’s natural appearance, nutritional value. As “sky” is used to represent brand and product name.

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Willie’s Cacao – Core Single Estate & Flavoured Bars Ranges Redesigned by BrandOpus

The redesign aims to elevate the look and feel of the single estate origin by introducing personality that reflects the cacao’s unique characteristics. The emphasis of the descriptors has changed from country of origin to focus on a more specific provenance of each cacao to enhance the sense of discernment and appeal for true chocolate connoisseurs seeking an authentic cacao experience. The bright and colourful decorative embellishments reflect the destinations where Willie’s adventures led him to discovery the wide array of cacaos that make his chocolate so distinctive.

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Khalil Fong’s Journey To The West album design by Chen Huang Chian

JTW is the first album under my new independent label and I would like to thank all of the collaborators, artists and musicians who contributed to this body of work. The album is also for all of the fans who have supported me throughout the years. I am grateful to have been blessed with the opportunity to experience the various aspects of what Western and Chinese cultures have to offer. As different as they may be, I identify with both and have had the chance to see the best of both worlds.

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Z Wine Labels design by The Labelmaker

We did this label in 2014 and it was real fun we will never forget. Honestly we are very proud of this wine label design because it is fully based on typography and the play of positive and negative spaces. In aspects of typography Z letter is very simple yet very interesting as it is a combination of two parallel lines connected with a diagonal stroke. In other aspects these are two symmetrical rectangles with a solid space between them. We decided to use these different ways of human perception and practically cut a serif Z letter off the surface of the rectangular self adhesive stripe.

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Baancha House of Tea packaging design by adHOCK Studio Design Agency

BannCha is a unique, new brand of instant tea currently available in 5 popular, traditional Thai fruit flavours, each offering a genuine taste of the Land of Smiles. This delicious beverage tastes just like drinking juice freshly squeezed, straight from the fruit, and the packaging cleverly captures this concept by creating a stunning visual of half-sliced fruit which at the same time resembles a cup of tea.

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Oleos Sunflower Oil packaging design by GLAD HEAD

Label for ‘Oleos’ sunflower oil When designing the label for the exported sunflower oil, we were facing a challenge to depict the naturalness of the product, and to imply the geography of production without using any trite symbols.

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Sons of Christiania denim packaging design by Reynolds and Reyner

Sons of Christiania (SOC) is a hundred years story about an ordinary still endlessly talented immigrant family from Norway which made that very American dream come true. Having inherited from his great grandmother Elna Heffermehl the unique gene of inborn clothes designer SOC founder Jens Ingebretsen became the prominent example of self-made person of the present.

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Almanac 2016 Grand Cru Ale packaging design by Chad Michael Studio

2016 Grand Cru bottled designs for the Almanac Beer Co. This is the second edition limited release for Almanac’s Grand Cru. The design is printed 360 degrees around and is accompanied by a twice foiled hang tag.

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Royal Essence – L’oeuvre du temps packaging design by CD DESIGN

Royale Essence, representing French luxury at its purist and most emblematic, was born of the meeting between four entrepreneurs from complementary specialist trades, and sharing the same passion for the universe of fine spirits and luxury. Object steeped in emotion and technicality, ROYALE ESSENCE was recently unveiled at LUXE PACK Monaco 2015 on the ORIMONO stand, accompanied by its creative designer, Céline Delcourt.

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