Not Simple Tea (Concept)


Creative Agency: mousegraphics
Project Type: Concept
Location: Athens, Greece
Packaging Contents: Tea

The Brief:
“We launch a new tea drink and we want the packaging and related identity”

The Target Consumer:
Chinese market as well as international consumers

The Design:
Tea drinks constitute a highly competitive market in China. Our client briefed us with a product name that became our basic identity vehicle : “Not Simple Tea”.

We created a code out of ordinary shapes that directly and efficiently translate this name in visuals: X for “Not”, the universal shape of the circle for “Simple” and the semi-circular shape of a pot for “Tea”.

The product, available in green tea and oolong tea flavors, is strongly identified in two colors and 3 languages, (the Chinese, the English and the visual). The brand identity is identified with this process of translation in a dynamic way and design is affirmed as an exercise in communication.