Agency: JDO
Project type: Produced, Commercial
Client: The Chapel
Packaging Content: Perfume
Location: UK

JDO designs fragrance collection for The Chapel
JDO Brand & Design has designed a new fragrance collection for high-end and award winning hair salon, The Chapel. JDO previously worked with The Chapel to create its highly successful visual identity. The new collection is inspired by the philosophy that lies at the heart of The Chapel brand – a belief that everyone should take more time to pause, making the most of a moment. The driving force behind this is The Chapel’s Founder, Amanda Dicker.

The range comprises three fragrances captured within a range of sublimely scented candles, soothing hand creams and pulse point perfumes.

Each of these exquisite products has been specially selected to encourage quiet reflection either by applying a cooling perfume, gently massaging the hands or setting a beautiful candle aflame. In every instance these small actions create a necessary pause and a moment of comforting ritual. In collaboration with one of the world’s leading ‘noses’ three complex yet subtle fragrances, Oparus, Mellifera and Noctula were inspired by different times of the day and are evocative of their associated moods.

JDO’s brief was to develop and tell the brand’s story on pack and to genuinely disrupt category conventions. The resulting design is intended to be a fusion of styles inspiring curiosity and a moment to pause through crafted details and a quirky elegance.

Just as Amanda was inspired to create the fragrances, so she in turn has become their inspiration. The aspects of her everyday life that bring peace and comfort now form the emotional touchstones at the heart of each scent and have influenced the motifs that imbue the range with its distinctive visual signature. Behind each product is a very personal story and ethos that is told through the use of imagery and pattern on pack.

Sara Faulkner, JDO design director commented, “The brand and packaging design was developed to encourage exploration and discovery of the story behind each illustration and its role in the creation of the fragrance. The ingredients used in Amanda’s products are incredibly high quality. We wanted to reflect this in the design and finish of the packaging.  We used a combination of beautiful typography, considered layout, micro embossing, foil and gloss texture and refined imagery detail.”

Amanda Dicker, The Chapel founder added, “Everything The Chapel does is born out of a deeply held belief in ‘me-first’, a philosophy based on placing importance on looking after the self and deliberately taking even the shortest moment to catch breath and reflect. Time is not a resource to be exploited – it’s a gift to be enjoyed. JDO completely understood these values and have brought them to life through their distinctive and alluring designs. ”