Mr Kipling’s Gluten Free Range


Creative Agency: BrandOpus
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Mr Kipling
Location: United Kingdom
Packaging Contents: Cakes

Mr Kipling has recently launched an exciting new range of Free From cakes–exclusive to Tesco stores–to meet growing consumer demand for healthier products. The packaging was designed by BrandOpus, who also created the core identity.

A shift in recent years has seen a more discerning consumer emerge who is wary of what they put into their bodies. This shift has given rise to a dedicated Free From aisle in the majority of supermarkets. Mr Kipling asked BrandOpus to help them launch a range of cakes for Tesco that would excite consumers and offer the thrill of finding out their favourite cake brand is now also available in gluten-free.

The range is all about uncompromising commitment to flavour and offering people choice whether they are gluten intolerant or just want to live a little healthier. BrandOpus wanted to deliver a bold design and not just add a gluten-free label on the core range packs. They wanted to celebrate the ingredients people love and give the packs standout in an uninspiring free-from aisle.

Consumers should be unapologetic about their choices and know that although the cakes are Free From, they still have the same qualities and flavour for which Mr Kipling is known. You can now pick up mini cherry bakewells, or one of three flavoured loaf cakes in Tesco stores nationwide.

Paul Taylor, Executive Creative Director, BrandOpus comments “As consumer demand grows for Free From products, it was crucial for Mr Kipling’s Gluten Free range to appeal to the broader audience who are seeking healthier choices. With this in mind, the design seeks to inject a little frivolity and pleasure to a category that is often perceived as serious and functional.”

Carolyn Longcraft, Senior Brand Manager, Mr Kipling comments “Free From is an area historically lacking in well known brand presence but with an ever growing demand from consumers actively looking to avoid certain ingredients, it felt the right time for Mr Kipling to expand into the Free From sector. Moving into a new area of the store meant we needed our branding to work exceptionally hard while also being immediately recognisable as a Free From product. This is where BrandOpus’s exceptional knowledge and experience of the brand really came to the fore to give us a bold and enticing pack design that is unmistakably Mr Kipling.”