Limited Edition Mosaic Shake Yoghurt

Derrick Lin


Creative Agency: Immer Design Studio
Graphic Designer: Ints Neiberts
Creative Development Director: Aleksandr Grivach
Marketing Executive: Armands Artihovičs
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Tukuma Piens AS
Location: Riga, Latvia
Packaging Contents: Yoghurt cocktails with summery plum, orange-grapefruit, apple and grape flavors
Packaging Substrate / Materials: Plastic Polymer
Printing Process: HP Digital printing

Tukums dairy, which is considered to be the first “Tukuma piens” company, was founded on June 20, 1913. At the beginning of the 21st century JSC”Tukuma piens” is not only the largest and the oldest company in Tukums but also one of the biggest dairy producers in Latvia and yoghurt producers in the Baltic States.

Since the company’s early days “Tukuma piens” has produced whole milk products and has become one of the largest milk purchasers and dairy producers in Latvia. Each day about 220 tons of milk from Kurzeme farmers go to “Tukuma piens”. “Tukuma piens” specialises in fresh product production and its range has about 250 items. The main product groups consist of yoghurt, curd, cream, butter and curd snacks.

Year 2017, company presents something special – yoghurt cocktails with summery plum, orange-grapefruit, apple and grape flavors.

Main message: Shake it before drinking it and after 15 seconds you can taste a real yoghurt cocktail with durable foam and heavenly taste. No messing with a mixer and beating – just shake it and it’s ready. Those in a hurry can drink it straight from the bottle or pour it into a glass and sip it through a straw to enjoy every mouthful.

What’s Unique?
The idea was, also, to make very pecial design for special product. We’ve used most of our technologies to create a unique bottle design for each consumer. The Mosaic technology from HP that automatically generates hundreds, thousands and even millions of unique graphics let us create 1 million totally different bottles, specially for “SHAKE” yogurt cocktail.

Design-driven variable printing:
One million “SHAKE” bottle with unique pattern

Create a significant consumer experience:
An extraordinary product is in the consumer’s hand, unique in the whole world! There’s no other bottle like this! Everyone deserves great design! Shake it! Try it! Save it!