Meysu Frutbox Fruit Drinks



Creative Agency: Brandit Group
Creative Director: Farah Nasser
Art Director/Designer: Levent Yilmaz
Copywriters: Emin Sadikoglu, Hulya Apaydin
Project Type: Produced, Commercial Work
Client: Meysu
Location: Turkey
Packaging Contents: Fruit Drink
Packaging Materials: Tetra Prisma Aseptic

A fun-filled brand has been created for those feeling young by Meysu, the most long-established fruit juice brand in Turkey: Meysu Frutbox!

Dynamic, brief messages on the package define the product and describe the promises of “coolness and practicality” in an amusing way. Intense fruit ingredients have been emphasized by the use of fresh fruits in the visuals. The slogan created with stylish icons changing in accordance with the variants, “Always with you, drink & refresh yourself”, has been supported by entertaining visuals and therefore the young and dynamic perception of the product has been increased. The logotype, located as a huge red spot on white background, will enable the consumers to easily spot and identify the product in the shelves. The fruit of each juice has been embedded as the ‘o’ letter in the logo and thus creating a difference.